Friday, November 7, 2014

Splintered Light Miniatures Goblin Wolf Riders

Splintered Light Miniatures 20mm Goblin Heavy Cavalry
This week I painted some wolf riders to join the 1/72 scale DBA Goblin army that I left incomplete three years ago (see previous post). I'm pleased to say I finally finished all twelve of this army's elements (more photos to come). These 20mm metal wolf riders from Splintered Light Miniatures mix well with the 1/72 scale figures making up the bulk the army. Their 20mm fantasy range is a great way to supplement the 1/72 plastic sets that I'm relying on to build my fantasy armies.

The fan-made Misty Mountian Goblin DBA army list calls for three elements of wolves (really just Light Horse from regular DBA). The first two elements are from Splintered Light and my third is composed of wolves from the now defunct Mega Miniatures.

Splintered Light 20mm Splintered Light Cavalry
Mega Miniatures wolves (now sold by TurnkeyMiniatures)
Running in the background are some old Grenadier wolves.

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Phil said...

Great job, love these wolf riders!