Monday, November 10, 2014

Completed DBA Misty Mountain Goblin Army

(click for much larger image)
And here's my completed 1/72 scale Misty Mountain Goblin army to play De Bellis Antiquitatis. It's a mix of 1/72 plastic minis (mostly Caesar Miniatures) and metal 20mm goblins by Splintered Light Miniatures and Rebel Minis' Bag o Orcs (now sold as Armored Ogres by Splintered Light).

I followed the fan-made Misty Mountain Goblin army list that you can see on David Kuijt's site. His list has some felixibility in which elements you field. Mine goes like this: 3 Warband elements (one is the general), 3 Wargs (a fan-made unit similar to Light Horse), 1 Bows, 5 Psiloi.

You can see close up photos of the general element, the wargs, and warbands, bowmen, and psiloi.

These goblins are ready to fight my 1/72 Viking army (who can easily be Middle Earth humans), but I'm also starting an elf army.


1Mac said...

I think Splintered Light now makes those Rebel Minis orcs. It's these guys, right?

Andrew said...

Oh, yeah! That is them. I'll change all my links.

Phil said...

Great looking army!