Sunday, March 20, 2011

No Greater Ally, by Kenneth Koskodan review

I finished reading No Greater Ally a couple weeks ago. You can read the full review on WWII history blog and the first paragraph is bellow:

You may be surprised to learn that it was an all-Polish squadron that scoured the most enemy kills and fewest lost planes during the Battle of Britain. These Polish pilots reported enemy kills only when doubly-confirmed. This careful reporting was meant to accurately display their value to the doubting British military and public. Author Kenneth Koskodan accomplishes a similar goal with the same means. Based on first-person interviews, official military documents, and other published works his well-assembled account dispels any doubt one may have about the Poles' important contribution to the Allied war-effort. Read more...

And be sure to check out the Hat's 1/72 scale WWII Polish Infantry models.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lower Regions: an awesome dungeon-crawling adventure comic

My free time activities rotate throughout the year. I haven't been painting any little guys, but have been doing lots of reading. I just finished Lower Regions by independent comic artist Alex Robinson. It's a well-thought and well-drawn take on the dungeon-crawling adventure. You can see sample pages of this comic book on the artist's website. He has several other Lower Regions sample pages viewable and a few short stories online, but they exist on several different websites (it's kind of confusing).

One of the supplementary short stories is Defense of the West Gate. There was a Lower Regions blog where he posted pages from his upcoming full-length graphic novel (unfortunately, Alex has set this project aside for now).