Sunday, February 13, 2011

Painted Splintered Light Kobold

Splintered Light is known for its fantastic 15mm models, but I recently discovered they have lots of figures that mix very well with 20mm men. The Goblinoids in the "Splintered Lands" range have chunky proportions which make them suitable monsters in a 1/72 scale. I'd say the humans and most of the other creatures in Splintered Lights catalog are too slim and tiny to serve as 1/72, but the Bugbears, Goblins, and Kobolds work great.

I got their goblin cavalry on wolves for my growing DBA goblin army. I also noticed that their Kobolds looked to be about the right size too. The owner was nice enough to through in a single sample for me to compare. And they look perfect! I just might have to do a Kobold army too (or at least paint a few singles for fun). Below you can see the Kobold slinger next to a 1/72 Revel Celt.


Paul´s Bods said...

!!:-D That made me jump. First the kobold, then the Revell bod and ...!!!!..the pair of them together. I thought the kobold was much bigger:-)
great painting on such a tiny thing...sorry..Kobold.

Narcisista said...

I hate you.

I've bought the Kobold box from SML and I've been painting them blue.

I was pretty happy with how it was going but you just had to display an amazing paint job...

You've done their teeth!

The belt is perfect!

They really are pretty minitures aren't they

Narcisista said...

By the way, did you also paint the eyes, or are they just shaded?

Andrew said...

I don't usually paint etes anymore, but I did paint this kobold's with black.