Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Zvezda peasants painted for 1/72 DBA

One of my current armies in progress is a 1/72 Saxon army for DBA. I thought the horde element would look really cool, so I bought a box of Zvezda's Peasant Army (see sprue scan). These guys are meant to be a 9th century Saxon fyrd.

The cows in the background come from Imex's American Pioneer box. That set also has some nice pigs, which I have yet to paint. The paper buildings come from an excellent series of 1/72 scale Dark Age and Medieval building kit books. These particular buildings come from Usborne's Viking Settlement.

(click images to see larger versions)


west1871 said...

Cracking paint job on some great figures.

Paul´s Bods said...

Those peasants are revolting!!! Sorry, I´ve already done that one :-)
They look great...and a nice little set up.

Gyro said...

They definitely capture the horde vibe, well done.

Nick Grant said...

Very nicely done. Is that dude in the back poking out his tounge?! Is the size difference noticeable?


Andrew said...

Thanks guys. Yes, Nick. I didn't notice it before he was painted, but the flail guy seems to be sticking out his tongue. Or, it might just be an open mouth. Either way, he looks mad about something.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about buying some of these for my 'Tiny Kingdoms' campaign, but was uncertain how good they'd look in person. Thanks to your pics I can buy 'em without fear!

Thanos said...

This is your era mate!!!
Great painting!!!!
Well done sir!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Very crisp paintwork

Al said...

Spot on, well painted and based

MiniatureZone said...

Superb stuff, great paintjob on those figures.

Happy New Year,


Anonymous said...

What technique do you use to undercoat the plastic figures so the paint doesn't flake off?

Matthew in Michigan