Thursday, November 25, 2010

Autumnal Animals

Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Americans. I painted a turkey for the occasion, along with a pheasant. That pheasant was especially fun to paint—so many colors and speckles. The skunk, deer, and raccoon were painted last summer, but I hadn't photographed them before now. These are all Mega Miniatures 25/28mm models mounted on 20mm square bases (the deer's base is deeper). I'm a big fan of animal models, and Mega Minis has some really sharp sculpts.

I found out why these birds are called, "Turkeys." Before colonizing America the English were fond of eating large game birds which arrived via trade routes through Turkey. Consequently, these birds were nicknamed, "Turkeys." When the colonists arrived in the New World they saw the similarly-sized native birds and gave them the same name.

If you'd like to see some the 1/72 scale turkeys and pilgrims I painted in February click here.


Phil B said...

That raccoon is unbelievably cute!

Where's my huntin' rifle?

Thanos said...

Happy Thanksgiving mate!
Great work in a not so usual subject!!

Paul´s Bods said...

The skunk could be used as a chemical /bio weapon in a steampunk wargame :-D They look favourite is the pheasant.The reindeer...??? I know a place where an X-mas painting comp is coming and just maybe...........:-)

Andrew said...

Thanks guys. The raccoon was very difficult to paint. Their fur is all wispy in a blend of browns, tans, and black—hard to convey on a painted model.

Yeah, fun game scenarios could be worked out with a skunk. But, I think he'll just look cute in the background of a diorama.

west1871 said...

Always nice to see something other than blokes trying to bump each other off.Very well painted as always.

Andrew said...

Thanks west1871. Yes, I appreciate the life-affirming quality of non-combat models (and they can also be used as objectives in raid hunting or raid scenarios).

Bartender said...

I love animals for wargaming. Really nice work!

Anonymous said...

Nice work. I though Mega Minis was closer to 20mm? How do they compare to scale 1:72?

Andrew said...

Mega Miniatures' models are mostly 25mm size. Some of the animals are a bit small and might work with 20mm. For instance their bear or wolves could be large animals in 1/72. But, for the most part their models are 25/28mm.