Monday, October 25, 2010

Even more 1/72 viking DBA elements

Pictured above are freshly-painted Emhar/Imex vikings on a Bd stand. With these large figures you can see why I opted for only 3 models per base, rather than 4. Below are two more blade elements using the Zvezda vikings.

I'm glad these photos came out a little better than the last round. I should invest in some nice Silfor Tufts. The static grass has been getting everywhere!


Thanos said...

Deliver us oh Lord from the fury of the Norsemen!!!

They ravage our lands, they are raping our women and they are killing our men and children!
Great work my friend! They are painted in a very beautiful manner!!

Andrew said...

Thanks. I was glad to get better lighting in these photos. Hopefully my vikings will be have more gentlemanly than their historic counterparts.

Paul´s Bods said...

looking good..painted like this they seem to match up with the zvezda ones...more!!

west1871 said...

Cracking looking viking,the shields are top notch.Not enough saxons for them to go up against.

Andrew said...

Thanks. I thought I might mix in some MiniArt Germanic Warriors. Those figs are kind of close to 9th century Saxons.