Monday, October 25, 2010

Even more 1/72 viking DBA elements

Pictured above are freshly-painted Emhar/Imex vikings on a Bd stand. With these large figures you can see why I opted for only 3 models per base, rather than 4. Below are two more blade elements using the Zvezda vikings.

I'm glad these photos came out a little better than the last round. I should invest in some nice Silfor Tufts. The static grass has been getting everywhere!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More 1/72 DBA Viking Elements

Here is a blade element for my 1/72 DBA Viking Army. These three models come from the Emhar/Imex set. They are a bit larger than Zvezda's vikings. For that reason I mounted the Emhar and Zvezda models on separate bases.

I do have one element that mixes the two. The middle Emahr viking is crouching slightly, which make him almost the height of the two Zvezda gents on either side.

Friday, October 15, 2010

1/72 DBA Viking General Element

I'm halfway through painting a DBA viking army, III/40a. It's made up of 1/72 plastic figures by Zvezda and Emhar/Imex. This general element is all Zvezda models. The Emhar vikings are tiny bit larger that Zvezda, so for he most part I did not mix the two manufacturers on the same element. I wasn't too happy with the molded plastic flag that the above standard bearer came with, so I fashioned my own paper banner. The raven design comes from a viking coin. The official rules call for 4 models on a 20mm deep base, but I am implementing house rules. All my bases are 30mm deep with only 3 models, similar to the way Tim builds his DBA elements. The base frontage remains the standard 60mm.

I expect the full army will be painted and posted within the next week. Six elements are done, with six left to go. When finished I'll paint up an opposing 9th century Saxon army (made of Emhar/Imex models). I'm most looking forward to painting the horde element, a Saxon fyrd which will be composed of Zvezda Medieval peasant models.

I think I might also field these vikings against Vinland Indians, the IV/9 Eastern Forest American army. I suppose I have enough pre-Columbian Native American models in 1/72. I have Imex's Eastern Friendly Indians, but as the set's name suggests there are few combat poses. I own a box of Imex's Sioux Indians, which has a few bow/club/knife men. The 19th century Plains costume isn't quite right, but one must make do with what one has. I recently bought Italeri's Indian Warriors, but most models carry a musket. Maybe combining these three manufacturers will create enough variety of poses.

And, of course, I will be building a orc/goblin army with 1/72 fantasy models by Caesar.