Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trevor Pask's Airfix Kits, book review

Airfix Kits is a sharp little book about the venerable British model kit company. It's a brisk 56 pages with oodles of color photographs. Written with experience and humor, it's apparent that the author is a long-time modeler. The book traces the hobby's history back to the first crude kits in the 1930s and brings the reader to the Airfix company in 2009. Pask writes about production technology, marketing, box art, logo & packaging, and Airifx's context within the broader model kit business. The most important and innovative models are picked out to chart milestones Airfix's history. An overview of Airifx's many other kits appear through the book's seventy color photos and captions.

There are more voluminous and focused Airfix books in print (these are referenced in the bibliography), but Shire Books' Airfix Kits fills a niche. Readable in one sitting, it's a concise history at a low price—an ideal book for the hobbyist wishing to save time and money for that next model kit.

P.S. Histoire & Collections is released the English version of Les Petits Soldats Airfix, by Jean-Christophe Carbonel. The Airfix Little Soldiers was a limited edition and is now sold out. Hopefully there will be a new edition soon.

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