Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brigade Games Indians 1 & King Philip

So, after 5 months of inactivity I finally painted something. In August I finished my WWII book, so now I can use my spare time to for my hobby. Picrured above is King Philip from Brigade Games King Philip's War range. This is a really nice set. The flared musket barrels (almost a blunderbuss) mark these as 17th century Indians, but they would work well for 18th century warriors.

These five models here are from Indians set 1. The war paint and beaded strap & bag offer an opportunity for some eye-catching paint work. For reference I used American Colonial Ranger by Gary Zaboly and a brochure of Robert Griffing's paintings, which I snagged from a gallery in Gettysburg, PA.

See my painted Pilgrim set 1 from last October.


Dan said...

Those are some great looking Indians. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Oh, like the warpaint!