Friday, May 14, 2010

The Ferrous Lands are quiet

It's been pretty quiet around here hobby-wise. I haven't painted anything in a very long while. Business was extremely busy last month, so I was working evenings and weekends. And when I wasn't working on client projects I've been spending my free time writing my history book. It's about my grandfather's WWII unit (check out the book blog).

I have to say I have missed painting and posting these past few months. I have a closet full of guys just waiting. It's a real mix of genres. I have a 1/72 WWII paratroopers in there, a bunch of 28mm animals, 28mm prehistorics, 28mm King Philip's War Indians, a 1/72 DBA viking army (and opposing Saxons), 28mm fantasy models, 1/72 models for a 17th century New England colonists DBA army (and opposing woodland Indians), and I got a 1/72 DUKW model (my grandfather worked on those at Normandy). I already primed my scratch-built 28mm tavern model. I need to paint that and some villagers to go inside.

My book is almost finished, so I'm looking forward to getting back to some painting soon. I think I'll get to work on those 1/72 WWII guys first. Hopefully all my paints won't have dried up by then. On a slight side-note, I've become intrigued with the board game, Agricola. Have any of you readers played it? I'm thinking of buying it to play with my wife and daughters. They're not too fond of tanks, guns, swords, etc., so the game's farming theme should appeal to them.


Eli Arndt said...

I have not played it but know many that have. The gaming community as a whole seems to have received the game well and it was a popular choice at this year's local GameStorm convention.

Andrew said...

Hi Eli. I'm going to go ahead and get it. I was thinking I could replace the boring wooden game pieces with 1/72 people and farm animals. It would be a fun way to use these Pilgrims models I bought. It seems the game uses a lot of sheep, pigs, cows, etc., so I might need to buy a whole bunch more.