Monday, April 12, 2010

Pathia Invasion map

Do you subscribe to Ancient Warfare magazine? I illustrated this map for Glen Barnet's article in Vol III, issue 5. Most maps seen in magazines are rendered with professional cartography software, but I do my maps by hand. Well... the text is done in Adobe InDesign, but all the artwork is paint and ink. These little drawn buildings, horsemen, etc. are a old tradition—something lacking in modern software-produced maps. The latest issue, Vol IV, issue 2 includes my maps of the Roman siege of Masada, along with a few other diagrams.


ZeroTwentythree said...

I very much enjoy hand rendered maps, and think that looks great.

I've done some architectural renderings, and have started dabbling in maps for my wargaming hobby.

So far it's been for fantasy games, like these:

Similarly, the text and the division of the map into "game spaces" was done after the fact.

I'm working on a new one for the next campaign at that site, this summer, and hope to make some improvements. Do you have some more examples of your maps?

Garth said...

Awesome site, I found it today doing a google image search for a black and white map of Britannia. Yours is the best I have seen, if you don't mind I would like to "borrow" some ideas from it for a map I am making to go along with an Ultima-based table-top role-playing game I am developing. On that note, your Ultima models are awesome as well.

@ZeroTwentythree: Funny seeing you here. It is indeed a small world, you redneck cowboy ;). When is the next campaign, by the way?

Andrew said...

ZeroTwentythree, cool map! I do enjoy seeing well-done painted maps for campaigns. I posted one other map: the Roman Forts at Haltern. I illustrate a map for almost every issue of Ancient Warfare. I should post some of the older ones here (especially since I haven't been posting much else lately).

ZeroTwentythree said...

Thanks for that link. (I've actually got that issue, too!)