Thursday, February 25, 2010

Painted Imex Pilgrims

Imex put out a great set with these 1/72 Pilgrims. Most of the models are townsfolk in daily activities, but they included 4 musket poses that can be used as 17th century Puritan Massachusetts militia. (See all the models from this set on The above three are attired well enough for King Philip's War. The fellow holding the duck (see photo bellow) can be added to the troops by simply cutting away the bird.

The hunting poses, although expertly done, are historically inaccurate. It was a surprise for me to learn that the Pilgrims were not hunters. The first generation of colonists arriving in the 1620s & 1630s had no hunting tradition back in England. In fact, it was illegal for them to hunt as wild game were considered the property of the crown. In the colony hunting could be also viewed as a sinful activity. Idleness was actually a prosecutable offense, resulting in a fine. Sitting around in the woods for hours to shoot a deer or ducks was considered an inexcusable waste of time. If a Puritan colonist had a taste for deer he would hire a local Indian to go hunt for him. See The Skulking Way of War to read more on Puritans and hunting, and A Rabble in Arms to read more on the Puritans' strict laws.

Now that I've painted these single-based poses I have it in mind to create a pilgrims diorama or a Massachusetts militia army for playing De Bellis Antiquitatis. The DBA rulebook doesn't go up to black powder / musket days, but an unofficial supplement exists: DBA Extension 1500-1900AD. Tim at Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog brought this to my attention. Again, there is no 16th century English colonial militia army listed, so I'd have to formulate my own. There was another unofficial supplement that does include English colonist and North Eastern woodland Indian armies called DBA-RRR, but the website seems to be gone.

Imex will cover the militia men, maybe with some English Civil War models from A Call To Arms. I'll also need some cavalry troopers. On the advice of Alanus at Dux Homunculorum I bought a box of Revell 30 Years War Swedish Cavalry. A couple of these Revel models look similar to the trooper illustrated in Osprey Publishing's Colonial American Troops 1610–1774 (2). Google Books used to include a preview of the illustrations pages, but now it looks like I should find myself a copy of this out of stock book.


Gabriel said...

Very good and very well painted figures. Congratulations. Until next GABRIEL

Kerry said...

Contrary to the fact that the book isn't available anywhere at the moment, Colonial American Troops #1,2,3 aren't out of print. All are reprinting in the next few months: #1 will be available in July, #2 in June and #3 in May (dates subject to change). Hope this helps!


Andrew said...

Thanks, Gabriel.

I'm sorry, Kerry. I was confusing "out of stock" with "out of print."

Alanus, Dux Homunculorum said...

I really like what you've done with these. You've inspired me to get a set and turn them into a rabble of Clubmen for the ECW.