Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lost Scrolls giveaway (now over)

The new Field of Glory supplement, Lost Scrolls, was given to me, and it's up for grabs. Although I love ancients, I am not a very active wargamer. The local gaming club in Denver is fond of de Bellum Antiquitatis (DBA) and Big Battle DBA. So, Field of Glory has been well received at this group. I moved kind of far away, so now I don't know anyone to give it to. I thought it wold be cool to give it away here.

Would you like it? Just leave a comment on this post. Announce this give-away on your blog and get a double entry. I'll stop taking entries on On Friday February 5th, at 7pm Mountain Time. I'll then announce the randomly-picked winner in this post's comments. Check back here to see if it's you.

If you're in the US or Canada I'll post the book for free (media rate). I don't have alot of cash for an international shipment, so if the winner is outside the US or Canada, I'll need to be reimbursed the shipping cost. The book is 10 ounces. (The Postal Service website says it will charge $9.00 to the UK.)

The book itself looks really cool. The supplement is kind of a catch-all for the most requested FOG army lists. It includes 21 new armies for:
The Early Republican Army
Umbrian Allies
Italian Hill Tribes
Apullians, Lucanians, or Brutinans
Early Nomads
Early Highland Raiders (Biblical-era peoples of the Anatolian, Taurus, and Zagros uplands)
Early Elamites
Amorite Kingdoms
Pre-Islamic Arabian
Later Pre-Islamic Bedouin
Beja, Nile Valley, Blemmye, or Early Nobatae
Medieval German city leagues
Later Medieval feudal Germans
Later Medieval Frisian or Dithmarschen

As with the other FOW rulebooks, Lost Scrolls features numerous illustrations from Osprey's catalogue and photos of various painted 25/28mm miniatures. The model photos are mostly single minis placed decoratively. There are no full-page tabletop wargame scenes, but there are a couple zoomed-in diorama vignettes. A lot of these photos have that tungsten bulb yellow cast, but overall they're nice. Published by Osprey, this paperback's production quality is, of course, top-notch. The paper stock and print quality are high quality. Text layout and charts make for easy reading and quick reference. If you own the main FOW rulebook, you should definitely be happy with this last of the supplements.


Eli Arndt said...

I'd love a shot at the book. I haave been wanting to give FoG a try and this looks like a good book to look over for a good cross section of possible army lists.

I'll give it a push on I See Lead People for you too.

Thanks for the opportunity,


todd said...

I too would like a chance to win this supplement to dive into new periods for FoG. Thanks.

Ken said...

I wouldn't mind a shot at that supplement as well. I'm just starting to learn FoG (and FOW). Very kind of you to give this away.


Ken said...

You may count me in as well. I put in a plug for you on my blog, moosetracks2009.
I am just starting out in Field of Glory and this would certainly help with the army building.
Good luck to all.

Anonymous said...

With I had a blog to post this on it for the double chance! LOL

Chris Tebo
chris dot tebo at yahoo dot com

Allen said...

I'd be interested to see what they've done with the various early Italian classical lists.


Chris said...

With I had a blog to post this on it for the double chance! LOL

Chris Tebo
chris dot tebo at yahoo dot com

broeders said...

Happy to put my name up for this as well. Perhaps you should have a prize draw!

ArmChairGeneral said...

Yep include me as I love FOG. I'll give you a comment on ACG as well.

Michael Wood said...

count me in this could kick me back in to fog.
also going to post on

will get that up tommorrow thanks

Anonymous said...

Nice of you to make the offer on TMP. You have quite a blog!

Andrew said...

Thanks for the compliments, guys. Hey, Anonymous. If you want to be part of the running, you should add you name to your comment.

Heather said...

Very cool, I would love to win + read this!

vr said...

Count me in too. ;-)


adf said...

This will definately be a welcome expansion to my FOG collection (especially if it's free)!

Ken said...

just want it to be known that I did post twice, above, so I should only be entered once.
Thank you,

Andrew said...

Congrats, Ken. I did the drawing, and you get the book. Email me your address, and I'll send it in the mail.

Ken said...

email sent to your RedRampant address. Thank you very much.