Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Alpha Miniatures 1/32 Romans

Alpha Miniatures was a one-man miniatures manufacturer from New Zealand. Aaron Brown sculpted and cast an absolutely fantastic range of metal 1/32 Romans, Germans, Celts, and gladiators. They are full of historically accurate detail and have great character. He and I used to email quite a bit to discuss equipment details. A few years ago Aaron sold off the molds and now works as a freelance mini sculptor. Aaron's sculpting studio: Black Crab Sculpting

I have five Alpha Miniatures Romans. I painted the legionary and auxiliary a while back, and am considering work on my Roman signifer and German. I mounted the miniatures on rectangular pieces of sheet styrene. I wanted them to match my pre-painted Conte Collectibles 1/32 Romans, so I did not add flock or static grass. Alpha Miniatures models often comes with weapon options, in this case: pila/galius and hasta/gladius. My shield blazons come from Trajan's Column and were painted free-hand.

Alpha miniatures fit quite well with Italeri's 1/32 plastic Romans and Celts. They are a bit smaller, but the difference is acceptable in my view.

You can still buy these brilliant ancients at: Black Cat Miniatures
Check out Aarons current 28mm work on RatTrap Productions.


Yori said...

Nice painting! Especially I like the faces. Interesting miniatures. I wish I painted the other scale :)

Galpy said...

great job nicely painted i've been thinking of doing some romes to go up against my celts i think after looking at your pics i might just do that