Friday, October 23, 2009

Vendel Miniatures Mastiff

To accompany my recently finished pilgrims I have painted a Vendel Miniatures mastiff. I came across an interesting passage about the colonists' mastiffs while reading The Skulking Way of War:
"The English had great difficulty killing these predators [wolves] because of their cunning and their ability to outfight even greyhounds and mastiffs. William Wood said that wolves were the 'greatest inconveniency this country hath' and that 'many good dogs have been spoiled by them.'" (page 61)

Although I have read that North American wolves are thought to be more aggressive than European wolves, this passage doesn't speak very well for the mastiff!


Eli Arndt said...

Love this hound. Looks just like a friend's dog growing up.

Geekdad said...

This is a great hounds of baskerville
type dog.

Teleah said...