Friday, October 23, 2009

Trees and Woodsmen

I finished a couple tree stands this week. I used Woodland Scenics tree armatures mounted on hardboard. I scattered used dried loose leaf tea (Irish Breakfast) to represent leaf litter. The leaf bits tend to flake off, so I sprayed the boards with matte varnish.

A close up of my Black Tree Design woodsmen and leaf litter. These two are from their "Good People of the Land" sets I and II.

The trees have a peg that fits into the root base. The plastic base is glued to the board, but the trees just rest in the hole. This allows them to be removed if need be (although it does leave a stump in the way).

For more tree-building articles see Iron Mitten and Cursed Treasures.


tim said...

Very nice!

I made some similar ones and got much use out of them while playing skirmish games. Now we're mostly playing DBA and HOTT and need to keep those nice units all in neat lines and such and so they're not so useful. I was thinking of doing some of those trees on washer bases so they could be moved around within the woods area - to make way for multi-based units.

That'll have to wait, though. I couldn't find the two (dark green and light green) containers I keep my clump foliage in for the last couple weeks - I use them on a lot of bases as well - and it's been driving me berserk!? last night I found the containers and they were both empty!? I can only assume our dog ATE IT ALL!!!? (He is dumb as a post....)

Andrew said...

Thanks. Yes, these trees would work best with individual models, rather than large movement trays.

Did you see the trees on Cursed Treasures? I put a link at the bottom of this post. He mounted the trees to metal washers, and placed magnets on the forest. I want to try the same thing.

Secundus said...

Nice trees I like the way you used Tea leaves as leaf litter. I also like the way you collect the less known characters like the wood cutters, nice work.

Andrew said...

Thank you, Mr. MItten! I have been collecting interesting individuals like these woodsmen for a while. Old Glory and MegaMiniatures mostly. I keep trying to get Citadel's old villagers on eBay, but there are always alot of competing bids for those. I'll soon be painting villagers for a tavern I am building. I'm hoping my 7-yr-old daughter will like to play since it will be so much like a doll house.

Eli Arndt said...

I really do love these trees. I may have to go back to my old tree bases and dress them up a bit with some tea leaves.

I really kick myself for having sold off all my GW commoners. I had a few but most of them seemed to medieval for the projects I was working on.


Andrew said...

Watch out, the tea leaves do tend to flake off a bit. I'm thinking of brushing white glue over some spots.

Eli Arndt said...

Thanks for the tip.

Eli Arndt said...


If you haven't seen them yet, Warlord Games has some nice civis in their Pike and Shotte line. Here is a link showing painted examples. You can get them in two size lots -


Andrew said...

Wow, 17th cen. villagers! I did not know Warlord had those. And I even looked through that range for possible Mass. militia men. I want those!