Friday, October 2, 2009

October Project: Witch Hunt

Puritan women from Colonial Living, by Edwin Tunnis.

An idea for a 28mm skirmish using Song of Blades and Heroes occurred to me this evening. I was reading about 17th century New England and noticed how the appearance of the classic Halloween witch is based on the costume of Puritan women. The origin is obvious to me now (Salem witch trials), but I just never thought about it before! Halloween is in just 29 days. Wouldn't it be nice to post a battle report on this theme? So! Here's the plan: A year after the end of King Phillip's War, word comes of strange goings on in one of the abandon towns destroyed by the Indians. A witch is up to some kind of unnatural mischief, and a team of rangers is sent to investigate.

I already have a set of King Philip's War Pilgrim militia from Brigade Games. I was going to paint the Indians this month, but I'll just start on these Puritans first. I glued them to their bases tonight. Accompanying these five Englishmen will be a loyal mastiff, courtesy of Vendel Miniatures.

SBH stats for Salem Witch Hunters:
Human Leader (the chap with the sword), 60pts
Human Witch Hunter (the guy in the bandana), 50 pts.
Human Undead Hunter, 50pts
Wood Elf Archer (to represent rangers with the forestry skill), 50 pts x2
Sabertooth Cat (to represent the mastiff), 36pts
Total pts: 296

The Baddies:
I have a witch produced my Mega Miniatures (now out of business). I wasn't too interested in this model when I bought it. It simply came along with their townsfolk set. I'm glad I have it now. It just goes to show how you might develop a future interest in your unwanted models. I'm using the Lich from the SBH Undead roster to represent the witch, 86pts.

I think I'll keep the rest of the bad side a secret for now. All will be revealed when the models are painted. I know—the suspense is killing you. Will I be able to paint everything before the 31st? Will I photograph everything in time? Will I be distracted by another project, dropping this one all together? Stay tuned!

Incidentally, the book I am reading is Colonial Living, by Edwin Tunnis. The book is a brilliant introduction to Colonial America. My copy is a hardcover from 1957, but Johns Hopkins U. Press reprinted Tunnis' books in 1999. Ink drawings appear on every page. I'll have to do a proper book review soon.


Eli Arndt said...

Most excellent. I have always wanted to run a holiday themed game, but at my pave, I'd have to build my Christmas scenario over Summer break.

Can't wait to see how this plays out. Maybe someday I'll finish the Nazi assault on Catle Dracula for Halloween.


Andrew said...

Thanks. I'm not the most productive painter either, but all the minis are based and have an undercoat. There are only 13 models involved, so I bet I can get them painted by Halloween.