Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Headless Monsters

"Another evil being best suited to terror and destruction, the Headless is indeed a creature of nightmares. Many a traveler has fled in abject horror at the sight of a headless torso bearing down upon them." —Ultima IV guide book

"This ensorcelled creature appears to be a living ambulatory, beheaded human being. It is unknown exactly how it compensates for its apparent lack of sensory organs, but it manages to do so quite well." —Ultima VII guidebook

These three headless monsters are the latest addition to my collection of Ultima-inspired models. For those unfamiliar, Ultima was a series of medieval fantasy RPGs for the PC, popular in the late 80s through the 90s. I was very fond of Ultima VII: The Black Gate (1992) and Serpent Isle (1993). I have slowly been collecting and painting models suitable for the world of Britannia.

I first considered the headless in an August 2008 post. About a year later I ordered Pulp Figures' naked Neanderthal Warriors set*. The animated poses more than make up for their simple appearance (no fancy clothing, armor, etc.) It almost seemed a shame to chop off their heads, but I did! I used some very small clippers, filed, and then filled in a few cut marks with green stuff. These models need alot of flesh paint. I used a mix of Citadel Elf Flesh, Bestial Brown, and some Graveyard Earth to bring the brightness down. I didn't glue any grass on the bases, because I expect these monsters to spend much of their time prowling the dungeon.

* I beheaded only 3 of the Pulp Miniatures Neanderthals. I'm keeping the other two along with a clothed set of Neaderthals as part of my small prehistoric miniatures collection. I plan on clothing them in hides and furs using green stuff.


Eli Arndt said...

Good to see the return of the Ultima Collection. Simple but effective monsters.


Anonymous said...


Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Egad! Art those peni on them headless monsters?? Naughty-Naughty.

XyzzyZork said...

I read about your project through Dino's Ultima news, and have really enjoyed looking at the figures! Wish I had the skill to do similar, since I've ended up just collecting random Ultima-character-like figures instead. :p

I believe all of the official illustrations showed headlesses as having a huge amount of hair/fur over their privates, though. (Not that Origin likely had any real alternative.)

Andrew said...

Don't blame me on the anatomy. I didn't sculpt 'em!