Friday, August 28, 2009

Major Robert Rogers

This is a 28mm Major Robert Rogers, sculpted by Dixon Miniatures and painted by me. After my visit to Fort Ticonderoga, I have been inspired to paint up some units of French regulars. I have my eye on Old Glory Miniatures' French and Indian War line. There aren't too many painted photos of these models visible on the web, so I hope to fill the void. I don't have a ruleset in mind. I think I'm simply going to paint little 10-man units for display. I am restraining myself on making any purchases before my birthday at the end of September! In any case, I can't paint anything until October, because my work schedule has squished my free time.

The 1/32 plastic manufacturer, Armies in Plastic, is releasing a new Roger's Ranger's right now. I haven't painted 1/32 in quite a long time, but these French and Indian War toy soldiers are really calling to me. I once had a set of Barzso 1/32 rangers and woodland Indians. I wasn't a fan of the resin, and I didn't like the innaccurate movie-inspired costume for the Rangers.


tim said...

Oh, there's a few pictures of them out there (the Old Glory FIW line, that is...):

Troupes de la Marine



Nice job on Major Rogers!

I picked up some Armies in Plastic WW1 figures a couple years back. I thought "well these should be easy to paint!" I don't think I even finished one. They took so damn long to paint. It wasn't that there was all that much detail, there was just too much surface area to cover!! Too much work for something I wasn't even going to ever play with!

Andrew said...


That was the one site I could find with pictures, and most of them weren't zoomed-in. I hope to do a couple of regiments and Indians, and Rangers, and Colonials.

Eli Arndt said...


What system are you planning on using for your FIW/King Phillip stuff?


Andrew said...

Well, I recently convinced myself that I should stop buying wargame rules, because I'm really more of a collector/painter. I do like Song of Blades and Heroes alot. I might get the Napoleon supplement and simply swap the British rifles for FIW Indians, Light Infantry for Rangers, Regulars for Regulars.

I like that This Very Ground is specific to FIW, but I'd rather spend that $16 buying another pack of models.