Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hat 8186 Peninsular War British

I just read the review of Hat's new Peninsular War British Infantry on The Plastic Soldier Review. The sculpting is brilliant, don't you think? It's some of Hat's best, and I love the addition of the alternate heads. It almost makes me want to start painting Napoleonics, BUT I am making a concerted effort to avoid it. My hobby time is already split among too many different themes. I actually gave my dad my 5 Osprey Publishing books about the Napoleonic era—in an attempt to force myself to stay focused. I still have a couple boxes of 1/72 ESCI Brits and French. If Andrea Sfiligoi's Song of Drums and Shakos ever made it into my hands I think my resolve would break.


Snickering Corpses said...

If you find someone who wants your remaining boxes of 1/72, pass them along to me also. I've got a batch of them I've been trying to get rid of for ages in the same effort to keep focus (and fund other hobby endeavors).

I'm waiting for the HAT promised SYW figures to come out.

Secundus said...

Stay on target... stay on target.

Andrew said...


Hat is doing SYW? I hadn't been paying attention. I'd love to start a French and Indian War 1/72 Collection. I have some Accurate/Revell AWI troops, but the collars and cuffs aren't right for SYW! Imex has Roger's Rangers on the to do list, but who knows when they'll be ready?!

Snickering Corpses said...

Yep, they're doing SYW. There is some confusion as to what scales they'll be doing it in, as there are proponents for 1/72, 1/32, and 28mm. But I'm pretty sure they'll be doing some 1/72, and there's been a vocal group of us urging them to size them to fit with Revell's existing offerings.

They've posted on their forum (probably several hundred posts back now) greens of Hussars, Dragoons, and Cuirassiers.

Personally, I have a batch of the Revell figures, and happily mix them (not in the same unit of course) with my RSM95 28mm figures.

John said...

Sing with me...

"Over the hills and far away..."

Did that help?

Saw the reviews. Figs do look fabulous!