Thursday, June 25, 2009

Strider and Gollum 28mm Miniatures

Have you seen the online short film, The Hunt of Gollum? It's brilliant. It was a fan-made piece, but obviously they have alot of funding and skill. I had trouble with the volume, but I solved that by listening with headphones.

After watching I was inspired to paint a couple models I have had for a while. On the left is one of the adventurers from Vendel Miniatures (now sold by SGMM). On the right is a Gollum model from Black Tree Design's Legends of the Realm range. The model originally carried a hare, but I remodeled it to be a fish (click on the left image for a larger version). What do you think? You can see a bit of my fingerprint in the putty rock, but apart from that I like how it all turned out.


BigLee said...

Nice job. I especially like the water effects.

Robert Morgan said...

Very nice brushwork

Andrew said...

Thanks, dudes!