Monday, June 29, 2009

SBH Romano-British Warband

(click pictures for a larger version)

I finally finished my Song of Blades and Heroes / Song of Arthur and Merlin Romano-British warband. It's made up of all 1/72 models by Hat. They're mounted on plastic slotta bases. The above warriors are from Hat's Late Roman Medium Infantry, plus one armored model from the Heavy Infantry box.

Three guys from the Late Roman Missile Troops box.

The above British noble is a slightly modified Hat Gothic Cavalryman. I added putty to the cloak edges for fur trim, and covered his knees to turn his odd shorts into full trousers. Hat has some armored Late Roman cavalrymen in the works, but it will be a while before they are available.

My Romano-British warband:
Noble, 72 pts
Armored warrior, 36 pts
Warrior, 17 pts x 7 = 119
Skirmisher, 24 pts x 3 = 72
Total = 299

That's only 12 models! Now, that's an army I can actually finish painting! I may make the mounted figure a Romano-British king to get the Leader status, in which case I'll just drop one of the warriors.

Next up, the Saxons. That warband will be only 8 models!


Chris said...

Those soft plastic HaT Romans look better than I expected; a nice paint job!

Andrew said...

Thanks! Usually I prime my plastics with a simple coat of black acrylic. These models however, wouldn't take the paint—even though Hat picked this new plastic for it's paintability! The acrylic just beaded like water on a ducks back! So, I had to prime these with black primer.

This same soft plastic in Hat's Gallic Command set takes acrylic just fine! I scrubbed them carefully with detergent—who knows what's up?

cooey2ph said...

Kudos for a very good-looking army!

Auston said...

Very nice!

Chariobaude said...

fantastic work on the shields !!

Anonymous said...

very nice work !!!