Monday, June 15, 2009

Late Roman and AWI Artillery

I gave my Muster the Minis coeval project another try, and doubled the participants (previously, it was just me)! This time around my friend, Jasper, joined in. The theme was artillery. I painted the above models from Hat's 1/72 Late Roman Missile troops. This scorpion is almost the same model as appeared in their older Roman Catapults box. The new set offers a choice of pieces for the forward torsion frame. I glued on the open metal frame. The other option is the wooden box-like frame from the original Hat catapult. I based these guys on plastic slotta bases to give them greater presence on the table (compared to the thinner sheet styrene I've been using).

Jasper over at Ferret's Attention Span painted a nice set of the Perry Miniatures War of Independence Continental Army cannon and crew. Click over to his blog to see all the pictures. Japser's paint technique is to prime in white, then paint with a wash. This style has caught my interest as of late. I like how the paint pools in the recesses, naturally creating a shading effect. I'll have to give it a go sometime.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andy
That was fun. More please!
Re technique: I prime in white, then block-paint the areas in their respective base colors. Shading is indeed done by wash (or GW inks), appropriate to the color of course. Then I highlight each area, sometimes twice (eg faces).