Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hat Late Roman Height Adjustment

As I mentioned in a previous post, Hat's 1/72 Late Roman Heavy Infantry set is a bit smaller than their Medium Infantry. Their shield sizes also differ. I am including a heavy inf. swordsman in my Song of Arthur and Merlin Romano-British warband (in-progress). The rest of the figs are Hat's medium infantry models. To compensate for the size difference I trimmed the edge of the large shield, moved the boss to the left, stacked a piece of styrene under the little guy, and added a little green stuff to his wimpy hand. I'll post a picture of the full warband when it is complete (in a few days).


Chris said...

It's a real shame that Hat didn't keep to the same scale for the same army.

A 1/72 late Roman army is on my lengthy todo list after Hat cavalry come out but I'm disappointed by the look of the medium infantry. I've already got a large 15mm late Roman army, so this project looks like it will be moving down the list!

BigLee said...

Whats with the guy on the left doing the splits? This is a very strange pose... other than that, not a bad model, with plenty of detail. I'm not familiar with this maker but I agree it's a shame they have changed scale mid-range.

Andrew said...

You're not familiar with Hat? *Gasp!* They loom so large in my hobby. I'd say Hat is one of the driving forces of the current 1/72 plastic toy soldier Golden Age.

Some of Hat's stuff is very detailed, others not not good. Overall, they have done a good job of creating sets that fill in gaps in the market.