Monday, June 1, 2009

DBA II/11 Gallic army

I've been thinking about putting together some new 1/72 scale DBA armies, so I thought I'd bring out an old one from my closet. This is my II/11 Gallic army. It's the sole opponent to my Marian Roman army. I'm rather inexperienced playing DBA, but it seems like this match-up is too even. The few time I played these two armies it took forever to get a result—the Warband vs. Blades elements repeatedly pushed each other back, rather than making a decisive kill. I probably just need to learn some better tactics!

I have two possible general elements. The Gen Bd above features Italeri/Zvezda Gauls. The horn player model originally had funny furry pants and boots, so I glued his torso onto the legs of another model. The other general element is Cavalry (seen in the rear of the top photo)

Hat Celtic cavalry with one round shield converted to a hexagonal body shield. It's not my best paint work. The models are coated in Elmer's Glue (white PVA glue) to prevent chipping. It works great, but it's a bit shiny (I now use Windosr & Newton's acrylic Matte Varnish). The army was painted in 2001 or thereabouts. I almost want to do the whole thing over again! There have been a number of new 1/72 Hat Celtic releases since then, so it would be nice to include these. And I would like to have an army painted to my current standards. Maybe I'll do the Ancient British (same models, but a different army) and imperial Romans.


cooey2ph said...

Beautiful models and even though you may decide to repaint them, they're very well painted already. I also have the similar problem of shininess when using acrylics. I use Future to increase my acrylics' viscosity and although I've noticed that it helps the paint from chipping, the shininess of the surface can be quiet harsh. I've also tried the Liquitex Flow aid, thinking that the Future was to blame for the shine but got the same result. I eventually opted to proceed the same way and finish the figure with matte varnish instead. Good luck on the ancient British and I hope to see them soon, cheers!

Andrew said...

Thank you. They're not terrible. I just know I would paint them differently if I started fresh.

I've often thought about using "acrylic medium" to change my paints viscosity. Currently I mix the paint with water on a palette or I add it directly to the opt if it's all dried up.

I've been very happy with the Windsor & Newton acrylic matte varnish. It's excellent for bendy plastics.

Bob Barnetson said...

I think warband quick kill blades; that may help speed up your play! Nice painting!