Saturday, May 2, 2009

Standing Stones terrain

The base is a piece of hardboard with sand glued on for texture. The stones were cut from a piece of blue construction foam that I found in a dumpster at a construction site! The model provided for scale reference is 28mm.
The Standing Stones are a "Place of Power" in the Song of Arthur and Merlin supplement of Song of Blades and Heroes


Nagrombor said...

Very atmospheric!
Reminds me of some of the circles we have near where I live in South Wales.
Plus,of course, the master of them all - Stonehenge!

Andrew said...

Thanks. I modeled the stones after the ones I saw in Salisbury. I wanted to post a photo of the real thing, but I realized that my only pictures are really zoomed in. All you can see is the lichen growing on the stone's surface. If I ever go back to Europe I'll make sure to take more conventional photos!