Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Muster the Minis! - Artillery

I thought it would be cool if we hobby bloggers all completed a small project on a single theme.

Please join me this month in creating a piece following the theme, "artillery." Your entry can be a single painted mini, a small terrain piece, or even a photo of an artillery encounter from a recent wargame. It can be any genre and any scale: historic, fantasy, sci-fi, etc. By June 12th post a photo and write-up on your blog, photo sharing site, website, etc. Put a link to my blog in your post. (You may include the above Muster the Minis banner if you like). Email me your link, then shortly after I will create my own post linking to all the submissions.

This is not a competition, so there are no prizes. However, this little event could be a nice way to grow our hobby's online community and bring extra traffic to your website or blog.

Email notice of your submission to: andrew [insert at symbol] redrampant [dot] com. I will post the roundup shortly thereafter!


Eli Arndt said...

Have you had any takers on this?

Andrew said...

Just me and a friend. My wife does something similar with her cooking blog. She and her blog-friends all create a dish on a similar theme. I don't know why it's so popular for food, but not for our hobby. Maybe women are just more into social stuff.

Eli Arndt said...

I'd be willing to try and get something going, though I don't have much in the way of artillery right now.

I'll keep a look out for future posts of this nature.