Friday, May 29, 2009

June work in progress

Here's what I'm working on for June. I can't seem to finish any one thing before moving on to the next. In the top left corner are Vendel Miniatures elves and a painted Strider. My 1/72 wagon has it's base-coat and is ready for paint. In the center are a bunch of Mega Miniatures animals. I've had these for a year and am finally painting them. The black circles are going to be Song of Blades and Heroes "fallen" markers. In the top right are Hat's 1/72 Late Roman artillerymen. To the right are three Pulp Figures nude cavemen that I will be turning into headless monsters.

These models are all in a shoe box lid. I keep all my paints in the box so I can paint in the kitchen, dining room, or wherever my darling wife is.


Eli Arndt said...

Nice mix there. I have to say that's the way to go - several subjects at once. I have used the shoebox method to take stuff to work to paint.


Andrew said...

You painted at work? Where did you work?

Yes, I always have multiple hobby projects going on at the same time. I guess it keeps me from getting burned out on any one particular genre.

Eli Arndt said...

I do phone-based customer service work. Not a gran career by any means but it pays bills and provides excellent benefits for my family. My wife is the professional in the family.

I really need to start making a pact to at least do a little work on something hobbyish at least once a day. Even ten minutes worth of painting is better than none.