Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grenadier plastic dwarf conversions

I've been making a small set of dwarves for my 6-yr-old daughter. She's interested in playing with Hobbit miniatures, but I didn't want her using lead models. Grenadier Miniatures produced a three-pose range of plastic 28mm scale dwarfs. They are now sold by E-m4 miniatures. Although there are only two suitable poses for my version of Thorin's company, it's impressive how much variety one can create with a little putty and paint.

Spears have been modified to be walking sticks, or removed to create lanterns, mugs, etc. Initially, I added putty to cover up the dwarves' chain mail, but I settled on simply painting over the armor. I think it kind of looks like knit cloth with pockets! These aren't the most sophisticated of conversions, but they're certainly suitable for the rough play of a little kid.

To represent Bilbo we are using the plastic Frodo that came with GameWorkshop's Mines of Moria box. Opponents are the plastic goblins from the same box.


Snickering Corpses said...

Very nicely done!

Mike R. said...

I have a soft spot for those old Grenadier dwarves. They stand up pretty well to the test of time, IMO.

The conversions are excellent. It's true, a little greenstuff work and they look remarkably different from the basic pose.

Andrew said...

Thanks. Yes, I really love Grenadier old Fantasy Warriors range. Copplestone's and Lund's sculpts have held up well through the years. Their style doesn't look dated.