Monday, March 16, 2009

Merry Monks

My shelf diorama is usually a small scene of 28mm villagers, of which these monks are a part. The monk with the big gold cross and the one with the food are from Old Glory Miniatures. The others are from Black Tree Design.


Secundus said...

Lovely shading with the brown robes. Just watch they don't drink too much of that ale. There's a thin line between merry monks and mad monks.

Secundus said...

Hello again, I have a historical question for you and as you are the master of all things ancient, I thought I'd get your advice. Many years ago, I downloaded and printed out your Roman website for designs etc and I need your help once more.

I have bought some Ancient Germans recently and have been thinking of painting a warband or two. I also bought a pack of Angons to give them a little more Germanic feel. I know the Angon was a third Century weapon, but would it have existed in the 1st? There might have been a varient of it or something. I hope you can help. Many thanks, Simon.

Andrew said...


You know, I'm more familiar with equipment from the 1st century BC - 1st century AD. You should go to the Roman Army Talk Forum:

You'll definitely get your answer there!

Secundus said...

Ok thanks I'll give it a go

Eli Arndt said...

I like the look of your monks. I am a huge fan of the Brother Cadfael Mysteries and have been considering putting together a set of figures depicting those characters. Any other characterful monks out there?