Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Celtic slinger unit for WAB

Here's my 10-man slinger unit for Warhammer Ancient Battles. For my first 1/72 barbarian army I am simply following the sample list provided in the back of the rule book. Hat's set 8089 Gallic Warband provided two slinger poses, but one box has only 8 of these. To fill in the last two posts I converted an Itlaeri/Zvezda swordsman (on left), and a auxiliary clubman from Hat's 8074 Roman Auxiliaries box. I bent back his club to look like more like a sling. I have a bunch of old Airfix British celt slingers, but they are much too small compared to the rest.

The sculpting on Hat's Gallic Warband slingers really isn't that great. The legs don't have a very natural appearance, and the faces have barely any detail. Still, I'm pleased with the overall look.

You can only see two of the shields in this photo, but for the painted designs I used the book, Celtic Designs from the British Museum, by Ian Stead. The designs in this book are from pottery, weapons, etc. I picked out small parts within the larger designs to paint as La Tene style shield blazons. Also see, Early Celtic Designs, by the same author. This was the British edition of the same book. Ian Stead is a archaeologist specializing in Iron Age Britain.


Claus said...

Nice work. Looking forward to seeing more of your celts :)

Andrew said...

Thanks. I have 27 of the 40 warrior unit painted. The 20 fanatic warriors are based and have an undercoat. I haven't touched the cavalry or chariots. I've been working on a baggage cart, which you'll see before the rest of the army.

Gabriel said...

Very good work on 1 / 72.
I will follow your progress and then apply them in my figures.

Chris said...

Very nice, especially considering what horrible figures the HaT slinger are. I gave up painting my HaT slingers in disgust after undercoating them!

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the army.

Secundus said...

Good work as always. I made a Celtic sling two years ago...bloody dangerous thing. It takes a lot of practice to get a good throw. Mind you, the stone would have a mind of it's own and could go off at any angle. Very dangerous for anybody watching in a 360 degrees circle. I just stick to painting slingers now rather than get involved.....it's a lot safer.