Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vikings and Saxons

As I said in my last post, I've been reading Cornwell's Saxon Tales series. Naturally, these novels inspired me to get some Viking and Saxon miniatures. I don't have anyhting painted yet, but here are some photos to compare scales. The glow-in-the-dark green Saxon and the sword-wielding Viking in the middle are both produced by Emhar. These are sets, 7206 Saxon Warriors and 7205 Viking Warriors. (The green plastic really doesn't glow, but it looks like it, doesn't it?) The ax-wielding Viking on the right is a Zvezda model. It's from set 8046 Vikings. Zvezda models are usually on the large end of the 1/72 spectrum, but this set is actually a little smaller than the Emhar models. Still, they match quite well.

No one makes a box of Vikings or Saxons on horseback. However, there are a couple germanic sets that stand in nicely. The grey horseman in the above photo comes from Hat's 8085 Gothic Cavalry. These are intended to be 4th century warriors, but the costume and equipment are pretty close to what you'd see in the 9th century. The red horseman is from MiniArt's 72013 Germanic Warriors. This is my first purchase from this company. The horses are kind of chunky, but the sculpting is very, very nice. I'm using the horsemen from this box as 9th century Saxons or Vikings. Whereas the foot models will be used as 4th century Saxon invaders to fight my Hat Late Romans. (I'm using these Hat's models as Arthurian Romano-British.)

Related radio program:
Check out The Viking Way series on BBC Radio 4. You can listen online to this program about the Vikings in Britain. They mention quite a few of the real-life characters featured in Cornwell's novels!


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

That Zvezda figure is exactly how I imagine Cornwall's character should look like...

Secundus said...

They will look great when painted up!

John said...

I have the Germanic Warrior set and am painting them up as my Arthurian Antagonists (aka Early Saxons). You are right about the horse, though I think they should be a bit chunky though. However, the MiniArt figures are a bit thicker and taller than other 1/72 scale figures.

I also purchased the mini-box set of Franks from HaT. They are small compared to the Germanic warriors but look ok compared to the Late Roman Medium infantry from HaT. They are supposed to be "extras" in my game so small is not necessarily bad.


Monty said...

Very useful post- thanks!