Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Manx Loghtan Sheep

These sheep come from Gripping Beast. The models were sculpted specifically to look like the Manx Loghtan. This is a very ancient and rare breed with the unusual trait of both males and females growing multiple horns. It is thought these descend from the livestock of the Norsemen when they met with the native Celtic sheep in the north of Britain. The breed survived into modern times in isolation on the Isle of Man.

The horn-blowing shepherd is a model from Old Glory Miniatures' Revolting Peasants set. The wolves are old Grenadier sculpts. These are available from Wolves no longer roam Britain. They were killed off in the 1600s.

Mega Miniatures also sells a very nice ram model and sheep, which could work very well as Shetland sheep. (I sold this one on eBay last year.)

A fun use of livestock models in tabletop gaming is to set them as targets for raids (as in PigWars). Points could be awarded for each stolen sheep. The Song of Blades and Heroes's supplement, Song of Arthur and Merlin, includes rules for raiding livestock. Setting grazing sheep models on the tabletop also adds to the pastoral ambience of the terrain!

Related Reading:
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Ancient British sheep article on the Butser Ancient Farm website.


Secundus said...

I like your wattle fence you made, very effective. Also i liked the post about your Grandpa and the old photos. Old photos like those always make me feel very humble, even more so now I'm researching the period.

Muskie said...

I'm soon to be in the market for some sheep miniatures, so I Googled and found your post. Never expected a sheep shopping guide. ;-)

Andrew said...

I'm planning a 28mm cow review soon. I just need to buy the Foundry cows and I'll have all the cattle models out there.

Corey Burger said...

Thanks for the review of the sheep. Few people apparently even buy these and fewer review them.