Tuesday, January 13, 2009


In the Ultima series if PC RPGs, Katrina is a companion of the Avatar. As with many of the characters, Katrina is based on a real-life friend of game-creator, Richard Gariott. The above model is from the German manufacturer, Metal Magic. That company is now out of business, but it's molds were purchased by Mega Miniatures. The models is available for $1.50! Unfortunately, there isn't anything particularly distinctive about Katrina's appearance. So, apart from the hair color, I have to admit that there's really not that much to this model that marks it as Katrina.

While playing Ultima I never really had Katrina in my party. By the time I reached her island home, New Magincia, I had all the companion slots filled.

See Katrina's bio on Ultima Wikia.

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