Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hat and Zvezda Roman Auxiliaries

I bought a box of Hat's Roman auxiliaries back when they came out in 2003 (see photo, left).  I've been meaning to paint them up for a WAB army. Zvezda came out with their auxiliaries in 2007 (see photo, right). I just got a box last week. They're great sculpts, with especially nice command models. I know Zvezda is generally larger than Hat, but I thought the difference would still be acceptable. Nope! Maybe when looking down on a tabletop the difference won't be so noticeable, but up close they're pretty incompatible.

Hat's auxiliaries are really small. They're actually kind of small when compared to other Hat models—especially the newer sets. They match up very well with Hat's Legionaries, and the Zvezda auxiliaries tower above my Celts and Romans, so I'm sticking with Hat for my WAB army.

See full sprue photo on PSR:
Hat Imperial Roman Auxiliary Infantry

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