Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Dupré has always been one of my favorite characters in the Ultima PC games. He's a rogue with alot of gusto—kind of a Han Solo type. My Dupré model comes from Black Tree Designs' 100 Years War range. The shield provides a great way to brand the model as a character from Ultima. It's emblazoned with the ankh, a symbol important in the fictional world of Britannia. Rather than a plain steel sword, I attempted to paint a magical blue glow.

The image at left is from Ultima VII.

See Dupré's bio on Ultima Wikia.

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morganm said...

Hey, I'm interested in your Ultima project here. Do you have some info on what exaclty you're doing? Are you developing a whole game? Or a module for a pre-existing game system? I'm a big Ultima fan and would love to play a table top version! PM me on the World Works Games website; I'll send you a PM on there. Thanks!