Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Caesar Goblins (Ultima Gremlins)

"This tiny creature travels in a pack and attacks in a large group. Its primary threat is that it likes to steal food." —Ultima VII guidebook

Among PC RPGs the Ultima series had the uncommon requirement of feeding your company. Food could be purchased in the villages' pubs, or it could be obtained through hunting. If your characters went without eating for too long they starved to death! Consequently, these little thieving gremlins could be quite troublesome in the wilderness.

Caesar Miniatures is a toy soldier company producing plastic models in 1/72 scale. They specialize in historic models, but in 2007 they came out with some very nice fantasy sets. I'm already heavy into 1/72 historics and 28mm fantasy, so I had been trying to resist getting into still another genre/scale. But! I finally have a reason to buy a box of their F105 Goblins. When these 1/72 goblins are compared to 28mm figure, they are the perfect size for the diminutive gremlins in Ultima's Britannia.

I mounted these little goblins/gremlins on pennies. In the second photo I painted a hand grenade to look like apple. I removed a knife and sculpted a bag (of food), and I presume the third gremlin is throwing rocks, but I painted tham as potatoes.

Song of Blades and Heroes has stats for gremlins. It might be interesting to figure out some special rule to represent the gremlins' theft of food.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm! Good work on those little guys! I've been thinking of picking up come of the Cesar minis as part of a new project (tentatively titled 'world building on a budget') and am interested in seeing how they measure up against 'traditional' 25/28mm minis...Have you picked up any of the other boxes?

Andrew said...


No, these are the only Caesar minis I have.

Anonymous said...

Aw, puckernuts! Looks like I'll have to go buy 'em myself! And they come 20+ to a box, so my pledge score is gonna go down the tubes...

Eli Arndt said...

Great little figs there.

Andrew, you might want to check out Goblin Factory. Their goblins, both in armored and unarmored versions are very wicked looking.

Michael, you say "Puckernuts", do I detect an old Elfquest fan there?