Friday, December 26, 2008

Upcoming projects for 2009

God Jul! You can expect posts on these projects in 2009.

1/72 Romano-British vs. Saxons 
Song of Blades and heroes just released its Song of Arthur and Merlin supplement. Included in the rules is a section on the historic King Arthur. These skirmish-sized warbands will be made of 1/72 plastics. Hat has a nice selection of Late Romans and Saxons.

1/72 Saxons vs. Vikings
I've been reading Bernard Cornwell's The Last Kingdom. It's inspired me to paint up a force of 9th century Saxons and Vikings. Emhar and Strelets have a good assortment of Saxons. Zvezda offers a brilliant box of Vikings, as well as Emhar. Hat's Gothic cavalry will make perfect mounted Saxons or Vikings. You can check out all these sets on Plastic Soldier Review.

Pulp Scenario! 1/32 Boy Scouts vs. Wild Animals
I live at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, so real-life stories of prowling bears and mountain lions have affected my hobby mind. Using Song of Blades of Heroes rules again, I'm composing a force of Boy Scouts to fend off hungry Bears, Mountain Lions, wolves, and walking plants of Poison Ivy. Marx Toys made a set of plastic 1/32 scale Boy Scouts. They are dressed in the Scouts' 1940s uniform. There is a variety of amusing poses: a Scout saluting, a kid knotting a piece of rope, a kid with a paddle, a couple Scout leaders, even a Boy Scout with a bow and arrow. I happen to have a bunch of odd 1/32 animals to ravage their campsite.

28mm Cavemen vs. Prehistoric Animals
Vendel Miniatures' Hillmen will make excellent cavemen in winter dress. There are other 28mm cavemen sets out there, but I really wanted archers—not a common site outside of Vendel's stock. I already own several plastic mammoths. I have one saber tooth cat, and plan on ordering more.

1/72 WAB British Celts vs. Romans
I've been meaning to play a game of WAB forever. No one close by is interested in the game, so I'm building two opposing armies for a solo game. The Celts are 1/4 done, but I haven't even started on the Romans! Warhammer Ancient Battles armies are huge, so it takes a long time to assemble your men. This is one of the reasons I have been so interested in the SBH skirmish rules—you only need a handful of models!

28mm Ultima - fantasy
I've been adding more and more to my collection of models representing the monsters and characters from the 1990s series of PC games. Dupré is painted and needs basing. Caesar's 1/72 plastic Goblins are becoming gremlins for the wilds of Britannia. These little guys are mounted on pennies and will soon be painted.

28mm Celtic Folk
Peppered throughout the year will be photographs of Iron Age farm life vignettes: cattle, sheep, chicken fights, boar hunts, etc.

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