Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Messing with your blog

I recently combined my two hobby blogs into one, and I shelled out the 10 bucks for a domain name. If you have a Blogger blog, and are thinking about doing the same, then here are a few tips: 

1) Deleting one blog does not delete all the images stored for that blog. So, you can go in, copy the html, and paste those posts into your new blog without having to re-upload all those images.

2) For some reason applying the domain name to by blog erased all the blogs in my Blog List. I don't remember how to get to some of them, so the list looks shorter than it did last week. So, if you're going to do that, make sure you have a back up to all the other blogs you follow.

3) After applying the new domain name to the blog, I noticed that the blog lists on other people's blogs stopped updating with my most recent posts. They still linked ok, but they ignored the new posts since before the name change. I think this was because the RSS reader was checking for updates to the old ferrouslands.blogspot.com site feed. The issue resolved itself after a few days.

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