Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dwarf Archers - Vendel and Grenadier miniatures

Here's a little scale comparison of Vendel's dwarf archers (on the left and right), and a Grenadier Fantasy Warriors dwarf (in the middle). This Grenadier archer is actually bending at the waist, so he looks shorter than his mates in this shot. He was an eBay find. Mirliton has the full Grenadier FW Dwarf range in production. Before committing to a big dwarf order from Italy I wanted to buy just one to see how Grenadier mixes with my Vendel collection. I think they mix pretty well!

The Grenadier FW dwarfs were sculpted by Nick Lund. The Vendel Miniatures dwarves were sculpted by one of the Patten brothers, Duncan I think. More miniatures companies ought to credit their sculptors! The Vendel fantasy miniatures line is now sold by SGMM.

P.S. The Grenadier dwarf's bow was a shapeless lump. I had to spend a lot of time bending and filing it into a proper bow.

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