Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Copplestone Halflings

(sorry. I don't have larger versions of these photos)

Here are some photos of my halfling army. I have a few GW and Mithril hobbits, but these are all pictures of halflings sculpted by Mark Copplestone. The 3 on top are from the out of production Copplestone Castings 28mm fantasy range (thank goodness I got them all before he stopped making them!). I think these poses make a good Sam, Frodo and Merry. I haven't painted a Pippin yet. The rest of these models are from Mirliton. These sculpts were originally sold by the now out-of-business Grenadier. These mix really well with my Vendel models.

The above pose originally held a sword. Using brass rod and green stuff I created these farm tools to represent a hobbit militia. I also modified the archer models to create a greater variety of poses.

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Nanovirus said...

They're adorable but it's a shame to see the somehwat poor proportion on the hands from some of the archer models. Cute none the less - good subs for LotR SBG models.