Saturday, November 15, 2008

Roman vs. Dacians, first battle

I finished painting my Roman auxiliary cavalrymen, so tonight I played a solo game of Song of Blades and Heroes. It has been a while since my last game, and I am still learning. So, I decided to line up the troops and slug it out. I used the forces detailed in my previous post.

I learned that if you are playing with a leader, it's important to keep him protected. I had two ranks of troops—warriors in the front and the archers and leader in the back. Yet, halfway through my game the only man in front of the Dacian leader was killed, leaving the leader open to attack. The cavalry man rushed forward, knocked him down in one turn, and finished him off in the next turn. The panicked Dacians ran for it, getting slashed as they fled. They still out numbered the Romans, but were scatered and leaderless. They were too spread out to gang up on the cavalrymen, and their leaderless dice rolls could not activate them as easily as before. With their longer movement the Roman cavalry were able to reach the individual enemies, pairing up to reduce the lone Dacian's combat score. 

I'm going to play another game with these same forces. Next time I'll try to keep the Dacian leader out of harms way, but within the maximum distance for him to command the other men. As the Roman forces have only 6 men, that leader does not have the luxury of hiding behind the lines. He'll have some protection by placing a model on either side, so only his front is exposed. I'll add a forest area and obstacles, so the Dacians have some cover. And the next battle report will be in depth, with pictures.

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