Friday, November 28, 2008

Female Avatar

This is an old Grenadier sculpt by Julie Guthrie (I think). It is actually the first Ultima-inspired model I started painting. I began about a year ago, put it away, and brought it out again yesterday to finish it.

I picked this model because it has a surcoat to paint the ankh design. Without that, what would distinguish it as being the Avatar? I painted the silver serpent on the shield—another symbol from the Ultima PC game series. The shield color is silver, with the snake in a mix of silver and blue. I used Citadel acrylics, and varnished with Windsor & Newton Matt acrylic varnish.

I like the pose, but have decided to offer it up for sale. The model is a true 25mm, which does not mix well with my taller, hefty 28mm characters. Let me know if you're interested. It's available for $5, with $2.00 for shipping US First Class mail. I can ship to Europe too. I can take Paypal or a check. I plan on painting some villager models to sell on eBay, so this model may appear there in a few weeks time.

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