Sunday, October 19, 2008

Song of Blades and Heroes, Roman vs. Dacians

I've been enjoying the skirmish wargame, Song of Blades and Heroes. This is meant to be a  fantasy ruleset, but the human warrior list has all the stats one would need to play in a historic setting. 

I'm setting up a little Roman cavalry vs. Dacian raiding party scenario. The premise is a unit of auxiliary cavalrymen have caught up with a Dacian raiding party. The basic army in SBH calls for 300 pts worth of troops. You can easily field two opposing armies with only two boxes of 1/72 plastic soldiers. I moved the army points up to about 420 in order to get a suitable amount of variety in troop types. I am using Hat's sets, #8069 Dacians, #8066 Imperial Roman Auxiliary Cavalry, and two models from #8074 Imperial Roman Auxiliaries.

I'm painting the models now. The infantry are mounted on 20x20 mm. square bases. The cavalry are on 20 x 40 mm. I thought about using circular bases, but these rectangles allow me to also use the models for Warhammer Ancient Battles. I can really sympathize with those that think 28m WAB models should be played on 25 x 25 mm bases. I can barely fit some of these smaller 20mm models on their squares!

6 Romans - a unit of auxiliaries
Cavalry Leader, 92 pts x 1 (standard bearer)
Medium Cavalry, 62 pts x 3 
Archer, 44 pts x1 (auxiliary archer on foot)
Light Infantryman, 28pts x 1 (slinger on foot)
Total points: 422

11 Dacians
Leader, 60pts x 1 (standard bearer model)
Barbarians, 36pts x 3 (falx-wielding models)
Warriors, 30pts x 4 - (spearmen and swordsman)
Archers, 44pts x 3
Total points: 420


Chris said...

I recognise the HaT Roman Cavalry but which sets are the other figures from?

Andrew said...

Whoops. I'll add this info to the post.

Dave Conklin said...

So how does SoB&H compare to WAB? I am still new to the available rule sets and from first blush they both seem skirmish level... is SoB&H for "smaller" skirmishes?


Andrew said...

Warhammer Ancient Battles is meant to game a full-scale battle. The fighting is primarily done between unit formations, rather than individuals. A common army is 1500 or 2000 pts which could include 100-200 models. One model in WAB represents one man on the field, and there are "skirmish" formations. Yet, in wargaming terms it's not really known as a skirmish game.

Song of Blades and Heroes definitely defines itself as skirmish game. It deals with a warband of individual fighters, so the game is made up of 1-on-1 fights. SBH also assigns points to each model. The standard "army" is 300 pts. My auxiliary Roman warband is 422 points, equalying only 6 models!

The fighting and tactics in WAB are quite complex compared to SBH. An indication of this is the size of the rule book. WAB is 144 pages. SBH is 33!