Monday, September 8, 2008

Wargame music

It's nice to have a little instrumental music playing in the background, setting the mood of your wargame or model painting. Here are two groups offering Medeival / Rennaisance compositions.

This group of European and American performers carefully research the instruments, music, and dress of their ancient counterparts. I actually got to see these guys play at the Maryland Rennaisance Fair in '05. They put on quite a show! My introduction to the group was this: I heard one of their CDs playing at my local hobby shop. I asked about it, assuming it was the soundtrack to some period film. The shop worker told me who they were, and he let me know that they often play at the Ren Fair—conveniently in the same town where I lived! Seeing Wogelmut was really my main reason for attending the fair... well that and the turkey legs. Mmmmmm, turkey legs. Wogelmut website and Wogelmut MySpace

Albums Reviewed:
Tempus Saltandi, a thumping, gritty romp. These are songs composed for the 16th century "brawl" dances. Appropriately named, these melodies sound like they should be setting the scene for a fist-fight between two hulking trolls, a raucous pub-fight, or a proper duel between gentlemen. This is all a good thing!
I also own their albums, Schauspeluden, Schauspeluden II, and Momento—all worth having. They each have their own differences in character, especially because group members have changed over the years.

I noticed this group on an online classical music station (via iTunes). I'd say the target audience for the Dufay Collective is the classical music crowd. Consequently, their music is a bit more sophisticated—is that the right word? Their style seems a bit more polished and "safe" in comparison to Wogelmut. Still, it's nice stuff. One might say that courtly lords and ladies listen to Dufay, while the rustic masses dance to Wogelmut. I own the album, A L'Estampida. Dufay Collective website

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