Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Diorama Shelf

It's Diorama-rama! As a child I was captivated by the toy soldier dioramas found in the museums my dad brought me. Fort Ticonderoga, NY has some nice ones. Many have a little button, when pushed activates a sound recording to describe the scene. My diorama lacks the audio, but it's equally charming.

Since I am primarily a collector/painter, my models are more likely to be found in diorama shelf, rather than the game table. The base is a 1/2 in. thick piece of hardboard cut to fit the shelf. The background is a piece of canvas held in place by that blue or white sticky putty stuff you can buy to hang posters on the wall. The background starts on the surface of the base, extending up to the top of the shelf. It curls a bit on the bottom, so what I should have done is extend the canvas down to the bottom of the shelf, behind the base.

(You can see a Roman guard tower in progress at left)

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